At Hastina, we are passionately building a green and serene future for you through our exceptional range of properties. Whether you are looking for an investment option or a dream home, every project at Hastina Realty is a unique blend of comfort, nature and value that’s unmatchable in the market today.
Invest in the enormous potential of our projects today to grow and prosper in life tomorrow.
LP NO.: 000410/LO/Plg/HMDA/2021
Away from the city’s hustle in Gundlapochampally, is a space filled with luxurious conveniences that compliment your urban lifestyle. That space is Hastina’s Agalia. Experience living in absolute comfort and surrounded by lush green landscapes.
LP No: 000337/LO/Plg/HMDA/2021
Nature’s beauty is truly mesmerizing. She has her way of rewarding us with both tangible and intangible moments of wonder. vTake a moment to lose yourself in these intricate moments of nature from the comfort of your urban luxuries, at Hastina Nature City.
L.P NO. 275 / 2019 / H
To own a space that’s surrounded by nature is a rare privilege. Hastina gifts you this rare privilege at Brissa. Spread over 23 acres, Brissa offers you the opportunity to live a life of purity and serenity with all the comforts you’ll ever need. Experience living in all its glory only at Brissa by Hastina.